Rinnai National Propane Rebate for 2022

Up to $100 USD Rebate for Rinnai Propane Appliance

Rinnai brings to you a special rebate on the purchase of your qualifying Rinnai product: Tankless Water Heaters, Condensing Gas Boilers, Commercial Water Heating Products, Direct Vent/Vent-Free Furnace, Hydronic Air Handler for propane installations.

Required Documentation and Rules:

  • Claim Form (on this page)
  • Invoice for purchase of qualifying Rinnai Products (see eligible models below)
  • This rebate applies ONLY to Rinnai qualifying products purchased between January 1, 2022 – December 31, 2022
  • Installed by: January 15, 2023
  • Submission Deadline: January 31, 2023

Additional Information:

  1. A valid Rinnai model number MUST be clearly identified on the invoice.
  2. A valid Rinnai serial number MUST be entered on the submission form.
  3. Each unit purchased requires a separate claim form submission.
  4. Only one rebate submission per customer, per year.
  5. Funds will be paid in USD. 
  6. Incorrect or missing information WILL delay your rebate.
  7. Please allow 8-12 weeks for processing and mailing of rebate check. To check the status of your rebate, visit www.rebateinquiryonline.com.
  8. The rebate company will register your Rinnai unit on your behalf. You may verify registration by contacting Rinnai Customer Care at customercare@rinnai.us.

Product Type

Model Numbers (Eligible Models ONLY are listed below) Rebate Amount
SE+ Series Condensing Tankless Water Heaters RUR98iP, RUR98eP, RUC98iP, RU98eP, RUC90iP, RU90eP, RUC80iP, RU80eP, RU199iP, RU199eP, RU180iP, RU180eP, RU160iP, RU160eP, RU130iP, RU130eP, RUR199iP, RUR199eP, RUR160iP, RUR160eP, RSC199eP, RSC160iP, RSC199iP, RSC160eP $100
SE Series Condensing Tankless Water Heaters

RUCS75iP, RUS75eP, RUCS65iP, RUS65eP

HE+ Series non-Condensing Tankless Water Heaters

RL94iP, RL94eP, RL75iP, RL75eP

HE Series non-Condensing Tankless Water Heaters

RE160eN, RE160iN, RE160eP, RE160iP, RE180eN, RE180iN, RE180eP, RE180iP, RE199eN, RE199iN, RE199eP, RE199iP, REP160eN, REP160iN, REP160eP, REP160iP, REP199eN, REP199iN, REP199eP, REP199iP, V94iP, V94eP, V75iP, V75eP, V65iP, V65eP, V53eP

Commercial Water Heating Products CU199iP, CU199eP, CU160iP, CU160eP  $100  
Condensing Gas Boilers Q205SN*, Q205CN*, Q175SN*, Q175CN*, M120CN, M160CN, M090CN, M060CN, M160SN, M120SN, M090SN, M060SN, i060SN, i090SN, i120SN, i150SN, i060CN, i090CN, i120CN, i150CN $100
EnergySaver® Direct Vent Wall Furnaces


Vent-Free Fan Convectors
FC510P, FC824P $50
Hydronic Air Handler AH083CP, AH084CP, AH125CP, AH166CP, AH206CP, AH083P, AH084P, AH125P, AH166P, AH206P $100
SE and SE+ Infrared Heaters*
HE, and HE+ Infrared Heaters*
RHEPM8020N, RHEPM8030N, RHEPM11530N, RHEPM11540N, RHEPM15540N, RHEPM15550N, RHEPM20550N, RHEPM20560N, RHEPM25060N, RHEPM25070N, RHEP1S5020N, RHEP1S5030N, RHEP1S5040N, RHEP1S5020N, RHEP1S6530N, RHEP1S6540N, RHEP1S8020N, RHEP1S8030N, RHEP1S8040N, RHEP1S11530N, RHEP1S11540N, RHEP1S11550N, RHEP1S13030N,RHEP1S13040N, RHEP1S13050N, RHEP1S15540N, RHEP1S15550N, RHEP1S15560N, RHEP1S18050N, RHEP1S18060N, RHEP1S18070N, RHEP1S20550N, RHEP1S20560N, RHEP1S20570N, RHEP1S22560N, RHEP1S22570N, RHEP1S22580N, RHEP1S25060N, RHEP1S25070N, RHEP1S25080N, RHEP2S5020N, RHEP2S5030N, RHEP2S6520N, RHEP2S6530N, RHEP2S8020N, RHEP2S8030N, RHEP2S11530N, RHEP2S11540N, RHEP2S13030N, RHEP2S13040N, RHEP2S15540N, RHEP2S15550N, RHEP2S18050N, RHEP2S18060N, RHEP2S20550N, RHEP2S20560N, RHEP2S22560N, RHEP2S22570N, RHEP2S25060N, RHEP2S25070N, RHE1S40N $100
*  Must include proof of purchase for a propane conversion kit.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Cannot be combined with other Rinnai rebates or promotional offers. See your Rinnai independent dealer for complete program eligibility, dates, details, and restrictions. Rebate up to $100 USD valid on qualifying products only. All sales must be US residents. Rebates will be paid by check in U.S. dollars. Void where prohibited. Rinnai America Corporation reserves the right to alter, change or discontinue this promotion at any time. Rinnai may use information obtained through this rebate program in accordance with its Privacy Policy located at www.rinnai.us.